Coastal Circulation

Coastal waters and estuaries are environments with signficiant bio-diversity. These systems have great diversity of shore-ocean and river-ocean interaction. The EFDC_Explorer Modeling System provides proven tools for simulation of hydrodynamics, sediment transport and water quality for these systems. EFDC has been used in hundreds of coastal circulation models and in conjunction with EE provides the user powerful tools to assess environmental issues and solutions.

Features of EFDC+ which assist coastal studies include:

  • Internally coupled wind wave module.
  • External coupling with any third party wave model.
  • Enhanced external coupling with the freely available third-generation wave model, SWAN.
  • Pre-defined harmonic constants that are available for building site specific tide series.

Examples of coastal projects that have been simulated with the EE Modeling System include:

The Sydney Harbor model uses EFDC+ code for a real time simulation of the harbor for hydrodynamics based on data. More information is available here