Contaminated Sediments

EFDC_Explorer Modeling System has been used extensively in the simulation and analysis of contaminated sediment fate and transport. EE supports the data processing, model building and the simulation of hydrodynamic systems for movement of PCBs, dioxins, herbicides and pesticides in 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D. Impacts of toxics associated with sediment erosion, re-suspension and environmental dredging for major attorney client privilege legal settlements have also been undertaken with EE.

Applications for EFDC_Explorer for study of contaminated sediments include:

  • Fate and transport studies
  • Natural attenuation evaluations
  • Containment strategies
  • Sediment transport modeling

Examples of some of the dozens of contaminated sediments projects carried out using EFDC include:

The animation below shows a water surface profile of a sedimentation erosion study in North America. This animation depicts PCB concentrations along the centerline of this river.  Above the black line depicts toxics in the water column. Below the black line depicts toxics in the sediment bed.