EFDC_Explorer (EE) is a Windows-based GUI developed by Dynamic Solutions-International, LLC (DSI) for pre- and post processing of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC).  EFDC_Explorer is designed to support model set-up, Cartesian and curvilinear grid generation, testing, calibration, and data visualization, including 2D & 3D plots and animations of EFDC model results.

EE supports hydrodynamics, sediment/toxics transport and the coupled water quality model HEM3D. EE now also supports multithreading capability (OpenMP) for dramatically decreased EFDC model run times.

3D View of NG Dam and Powerplant Tailrace - Dye Animation with Clipping on Concentration of Dye


Dynamic Solutions-International, LLC (DSI) is an engineering, planning, and research & development company based in the United States. DSI has considerable expertise in hundreds of water resources and environmental projects over the past 33 years.  As DSI has worked on a wide variety of hydrodynamic systems over the years, we have found the need to have a comprehensive and flexible pre- and post-processing tool for the EFDC modeling system to exploit the full potential of this powerful modeling system. EFDC_Explorer is the result of this need, and continues to be used and developed by DSI for the EE user community.